My sister-in-law is the definition of a SuperMom. She has been through the worst of times, yet has not let life shake her. The worst of it was involving my niece, Hazel. Hazel was born with Infantile Spasms, a form of epilespy. Hazel’s epilespy grew worse and worse from the ages of 1 to 2, with Allie and my brother, Jonathan, trying every medication possible, as well as crazy diets, traveling to every doctor, etc. Hazel was hospitalized numerous times and ended up having grand mal seizures – the very worst kind. Allie and Jon would stay up all throughout the night with her, making sure she would get through the night, as night time seizures are deadly. I remember the worst day. It was when I was in the basement with my brother and Hazel. He started sobbing and I knew that he was terrified. This time was a virtual hell for our family, but Allie led us through, never faltering. She kept a blog, which you can see at During this time, my mother passed away. Allie was a huge support to my brother, father and I. She stayed at home with my 2 nieces and nephew while we were at the hospital and gave us time to grieve even though she, too, was going through the worst time in her life. After trying everything, Hazel had brain surgery – the last resort. Thankfully, Hazel’s seizures stopped and haven’t continued since. Our prayers were answered! Hazel is almost six now and Allie still has to keep a close eye on her, as she is still considered to have a traumatic brain injury and has special needs (Hazel just started talking about one year ago – yay!). I think my sister-in-law deserves to be named #CLESuperMom because she has dedicated the last 12 years of her life to my nieces and nephew, as well as to being there for me during rough parts of my life. She is truly kind, extremely patient and everyone she meets will tell you the same. She never takes anytime or treats herself, and I think this would be so special for her. Thanks for having this contest! There are so many awesome moms out there! (Submitted by Heather.)

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