My mom is the most unselfish lady in the world. For starters, she had a rough beginning, she was a single mom and we bounced from school to house quite a bit, but always put myself and brother first! When I was pregnant with twins, she found out she had a brain tumor. She told no one in fear of how devastated I would be. She went 6 months without telling any one or having surgery. After I delivered she had surgery, luckily it was not cancerous, but the size of a grapefruit. Months later she was diagnosed with breast cancer, they caught it early enough so it did not spread, she has been cancer free from for 16 years!! She lived in mayfield and my grandpa in Florida, she always said if something happened to his wife, she would move to take care of him. 2 June’s ago, his wife passed. What she had always said became a reality. She left her business behind, her friends, and family and moved. It was so hard for all of us. Looking at the whole picture if she didn’t move my grandpa would not be with us, so for that we are very thankful of her actions!!! There is no mother more caring, passionate, kind hearted than the one I have. She is my mom and also my best friend! She ya a wonderful nana too!! If she were to win this makeover she would deserve it but because she isn’t local not sure if that would Erin but I do know I really need a furniture make over too (Submitted by Donna D.)

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