I am a mother 3. Prior to becoming a mom, I had a full time career as a Dental Assitant for 10 years. I worked for amazing doctors in a state of the art office. I absolutely loved what I did and really built a relationship with my patients and coworkers. I had my daughter in 2011 and returned to work with no issues. I had a close family member that offered to babysit for us. Well in 2014 we were blessed to find out we were expecting again. No big deal right. Wrong!!! We were blessed with the gift of TWINS!!!! Ok that’s fine, things will be fine, I will be fine. Our family member offered to also watch the twins which was a lifesaver. I was put on bed rest 2 months prior to delivering our boys. Well while on maternity leave our sitters husband received a phone call he had been waiting 8 years for. He was gonna get a kidney. He had been on the list for what seemed like forever. Once the transplant was complete, he had a few setbacks that left his wife (our sitter) unable to leave him unattended, as well as his immune system being extremely compromised. That being said bringing 3 sniffling children over to be watched on a regular basis was out of the question. Needless to say we were left with know one to care for our children while we were at work. I looked into several daycares and the cheapest I found for 3 kids full time was going to cost us more then what I was bringing home by working full time. I had no other choice but to quit my job and step away from a career and office I was in love with. Which was not easy on me mentally. I have always worked since I was old enough to get a job. So we are talking a complete lifestyle change. Me being home everyday with 3 children under the age, not 1 but 2 newborn babies, and a now family of 5 to survive on only my husband’s landscaper income. We have gone without a lot of things in order to get by. Most if not all of our furniture and clothes being hand me downs. Endless nights of pb&j sandwiches, ramen noodles, or not dogs and Mac and cheese for dinners. It isn’t healthy but it’s what we can afford. Don’t get me wrong being a stay at home mom does have it’s benefits. I get the be the one to raise my children. I get to be the one able to get up with them at all hours of the night when 1 or all if them have gotten sick in their beds. I am available to volunteer at the schools when I am able. And most importantly I get to be the one making memories day in and day out with my little loves without missing any milestones. We would love to be considered for this contest. In out 17 years together we have not had the honor or joy of being able to purchase any nice furniture for ourselves. I type this as I sit on our hand me down furniture that once was my mothers that she purchased OVER 20 YEARS AGO. It has served us well but has been through her house in which they are smokers and had 2 digs and 3 cats. Then on to our house which has lasted through 3 children who have all been potty trained. So it has endured several bathroom accidents, sick kids committing, and now our crazy kids bouncing around on them. There are tips in which they try to pick to foam stuffing our of the arms, and broken boards from them thinking it was ok to jump on the furniture. I have always said once the kids were fully potty trained I would love to get a new living room set at tax time. Well of course something always comes up and the thought of new furniture remains a maybe one day thought.

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