Mom’s do everything…I mean everything! We all can recognize the huge job all the Mom’s in our neighborhoods do, and they must be the best Mom’s in the country because they raised all of us to eventually make up the best City anywhere…Cleveland!

Since Mom’s everywhere are usually the ones out there shopping for deals, picking the right styles, and dealing with family members that don’t want to go Furniture shopping, we thought we could do something special to recognize the hard work Mom’s do.

Starting January 27, 2018, through March 27, 2018, The Cleveland Furniture Company will be hosting the #CLESuperMom of Cleveland contest. You can make your own submission, or you can nominate someone you know and think is deserving! We want great stories of Mom’s going above and beyond and doing what Mom’s do…EVERYTHING!

We will be looking for the following criteria:

  1. Challenges that have been overcome
  2. Unusual circumstances
  3. Examples of selflessness
  4. Love

Lastly, creativity in the submission will get more votes, so be creative.

We will pick the top 3 #CLESuperMom finalists on March 29, 2018, and interview each. We will then decide (with the help of Social Media) on who will be the winner and get a $5,000 Home Makeover courtesy of The Cleveland Furniture Co on April 10, 2018.

Rules and restrictions do apply, so please be sure to read the fine print.

We look forward to hearing inspiring stories about our real life super hero’s…….#CLESuperMom

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