What can I say about my sister Cyndi Beverly?

Yes, obviously she is a Mom and a SUPER one at that, but she is so much more.

Cyndi is a Grandmother of two; Head of household and Caregiver of our 83 year old mother and our youngest sister, Family Historian and event organizer, Church Treasurer, Church event committee leader, Children’s Sunday School teacher, Head Cook for a bi-weekly gathering at a local CMHA housing apartment building where she lovingly and selflessly serves the residents who attend, Voice of NASA Glenn and NASA Glenn Telecommunications Operator, Friend…Sister…Aunt…

The list goes on and on but I’d like to make it known that in doing for others, she has had little to spare for herself.

Time and finances.

Cyndi is extremely crafty and content doing DIY projects to create a beautiful home environment for our mother and sister but it would be so rewarding if she could furnish her home with quality furnishings instead of the hand-me-downs passed from other family members who discard their furniture for newer/trendier items.

Cyndi is truly THE #CLESuperMom! (Submitted by Karen B.)

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