I have been a single mom of 2 for 5 years. Everything I do is for my kids. They are involved in sports and clubs and I somehow manage to make sure they never miss a practice, game, meeting all while working a full time job as well as running a Hair Studio. I also am a cancer survivor which I beat in July 2016. Through all my surgeries and appointments I never missed a single event for my kids. In what little free time I have, I have been remodeling our home to make it our own. I have laid floors, painted cabinets, put up a backsplash just to name a few. I have done all on my own with a little help from my dad. I work really hard to provide the best life I can possibly give to my children as well as help anyone I can. I adopted a family for Christmas who was going through a tragic time and was able to give them a wonderful Christmas. My goal in life is to overcome hardships with positivity. I live everyday with a smile on my face. Seeing my kids happy, being responsible and growing up to be well behaved productive members of society is what drives me to work so hard and what makes me the happiest. I really would appreciate this help. I have never done anything like this as I have great joy of seeing what I can accomplish on my own. However, with my house still not close to being done this would significantly help a project that I have slowly been working on for 5 years. It would also give me more time to be able to do more fun things with my kids. They are 11 & 13 and before I know it they will be grown. I try to cherish every moment I have with them. Thank you for the opportunity! Return to SuperMom Contestant page.


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