My mom is the definition of a true SuperMom. She has always been tender and sweet towards her children, her family, and all members of the community around us. As her third child, I have never met a more selfless person to deserve everything I and my siblings could possibly offer, which is why we are nominating her for this contest. Not only has my mom raised 4 children, balanced our individual lifestyles throughout the years, and supported all 4 of us through college, but she also ran her own independent business for over 20 years and worked part-time at our community’s Chamber of Commerce to help local Northeast Ohio businesses thrive in the community. My mom handled it all with grace and humility. I personally never felt that I was a second responsibility to her while I was growing up, which made all the difference to help mold who I am today as an independent young adult. She truly deserves to be recognized in this contest for all that she has accomplished and balanced as a mother. She will always be a SuperMom in our hearts, and we hope others will recognize it as well during this great contest from The Cleveland Furniture Co.! (Nominated by Sarah C)

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