My mother, Jeannette Burke is a SuperMom through and through, and not only is she the best SuperMom but she is a SuperAunt, SuperGodmother, and SuperGrandma. My mom gave up her entire life to raise my siblings and I, and she continues to give up everything she has to us and her grandchildren. My mother never complains, although my siblings and I have been a handful day in and day out for the last 27 years, she is always there for each of us and ready to help with whatever we may need. Yes, my siblings and I are all moved out now, but she still takes time out of her busy schedule to help us when we are sick, need her advice, or just a voice for comfort in hard times. One characteristic that stands out about my mother is her selflessness, she would give anyone the shirt off her back, the last dollar in her pocket, and even her meals. My mom works very hard to support my family. She works a full-time job during the week in an office, and on the weekends she works a second job to make ends meet at KeyBank, she is also taking an online course for Medical Terminology. Although she is busy with working, she always finds time to spend with our family and creating special memories for all of us. My mom helps out my siblings and I tremendously, whether it be financially, with life skills, or babysitting (kids and dogs). I am a full time student and my mother supports me through school, she helps me with paying bills, and supports me with everything I do in school, and in life. Since our house has always been filled with kids and pets, our living room furniture isn’t in the best of conditions, and we got the furniture in 2003. The furniture in our dining room and kitchen are very old and worn out, the furniture is from when my parents first got married over 27 years ago! My mother is so deserving of this remodel, because she has given everything she has for her family, her time, her money, and all of her love. I want to help her receive a space she can come home to and relax after working so hard everyday. She is always so busy helping everyone else, she forgets to care for and worry about her own needs, and new furniture without holes is one of them. I think no matter what happens my Mom is always going to be a SuperMom to our family, and I hope one day I can be half the mom she is. (Nominated by Shannon B.)

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