People often complain about their in-laws. For me, I feel like I lucked out. Let me tell you about Lorrie Seaver. Before I knew her, she had six sons….yes, SIX BOYS! When her youngest wasn’t even two years old, the love of her life had a sudden heart attack at the age of 36 and died. She was left with six boys to feed, dress and raise. Somehow, she never missed a sporting event (for 6 very athletic boys!) She worked (and still works) endless hours. Even to this day she leaves her full time job to go to another job. She’s 67 years old, but refuses to retire so her youngest boys have health insurance. Lorrie makes less than I made before I graduated college and yet, she is the most selfless person. She welcomes everyone with open arms. She offers help to whoever needs help and often goes without things for herself. She is humble. She is Kind. She is sincerely the hardest worker I’ve ever met in my entire life. (Pretty sure she never sleeps…) I believe she’s become so accustomed to taking care of everyone else that she doesn’t know how to stop. As much as I’d love to vote for myself, (or my mom- who is also awesome), Super mom doesn’t even come close to describing Lorrie Seaver. (Nominated by Ami A.)

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