I am Cleveland born and raised. I’m 48 years old and a nursing student now. But prior to that I bounced between being a stay at home mom and working mom. I was a teen mom who managed to get my GED, learned to sew, cook, start a career and move me and my children out of the ghettos of case court and Longwood housing. And into Garfield hts. Taught myself how to take care of my children with no examples from my parents and I knew I never wanted the life I had for my children. I struggled raising them for ten years and then got married at the age of 30. I took care of my mother in-law during this marriage for 9 years until 1 year before she passed away This marriage ended 9 years later due too the fact that he forgot he was married. I still manage to give my children the leave it to beaver style life I always wanted. I didn’t drink, smoke or party. My life was for them. I’m proud to say that all 5 of my children have graduated from high school. 2 have graduated college with there bachelors. And 1 has just received her master’s. 1 is a chef. And 1 is a ATM installation technician.

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