My SuperMom is my own mom Renea A. Hill. She is the proud mother of 9. Grandmother of 11. She has no idea that she is being nominated right now. She literally does EVERYTHING. She has 2 children who are still in High School. One of those 2 is a Senior and will be receiving his HS Diploma this Spring. This will be the 8th Diploma that has been earned by my mom. She likes to believe that although her children went to school in the physical, she is the motivation and encouragement that we all needed to succeed. She did just that. She got us up and out to school everyday. Arranging rides at times when schedules clashed. However she made it happen. After each one of us walked the stage to receive our Diplomas we handed it straight to her. She has all 7 soon to be 8 Diplomas at her home. She even have frames for them. She is in need of nice wall space to put them. My mom is very big on education and success. At the age of 17 she became pregnant with twins. She was due to deliver right before graduation. She missed a lot of school at the end of the school year which made her fall short of receiving her Diploma. However she was determined to walk the stage. Although she did not walk the stage with her original graduating class she went back the following school year to complete her courses to graduate and walked the stage the following year. She always told us NO excuses. And that our motto through life. My mom recently lost her job. She now stays home and does EVERYTHING for EVERYONE. She is the true definition of strong. She does a lot and NEVER complains. Her 2 children that live with her are in need of beds . They both had air mattresses that have now deflated and they are sleeping on the floor. With no income it is hard to afford the beds. She could also use a new bed. A bed fit for the Queen that she is. She deserves it.
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