I am nominating the most slefless, kind hearted, and beautiful woman I know, my mom. She such a example to all 5 of her children and 2 grandchildren. She our biggest supporter/ cheerleader in everything we do. Such as cheering the loudest as I scored a goal as kid, whistling in the stands as we each graduated from high school then from college. Giving us a big pep talk before landing our dream jobs or starting our own business, even giving her guidance in helping find Mr./Mrs. Right. She has been in our lives every step of the way, no matter what we all knew she was just a quick phone call away. Just this past year she went back to school to become a realtor and she doing amazing!! Showing us no matter your age learning and trying new things is apart of the adventure called life! Raising 5 children is no small job but boy did she make it look easy! I am a mother myself now of twin girls that are 4 years old and she been such a blessing in our lives. She jumped right into helping in whatever I needed when they were born and still does. She such a fun and loving grandma. It’s so special to be able to watch her get on the floor and play dolls with my daughters just has she did with me.

She always a blast of fun to around with her bubbly sense of humor and love for adventure. Through the years she has always made sure my siblings and I were well taken care of, even if that meant she put her needs last. The Love she shows not only to her family and friends but strangers is special and refreshing to see. Even when life throws her lemons she always had patience and determination to overcome all the obstacles.

I could go on for days with how amazing Mom is, it’s not hard to do. She deserves more then I can ever give her!

I do appreciate this opportunity you are giving and I thank you for having this chance to make my mom’s home look amazing just like she is. (Nominated by Danielle G.)

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